About Lombardo’s Restaurant

Lombardo’s has been operating since 1919. In 1934, prohibition was repealed and the present barroom was acquired. The room previously housed an Italian consulate office and an ice cream parlor. People often recall the black and white tiled floors, the iconic art murals on the walls and the original bar itself with it’s old world charm intact.

The Lombardo family owned and operated the business until their retirement in 1991. The business was then sold to the Mancino family (Paul, Rose-Marie and son Anthony), who were respectful of honoring the restaurant’s long history of serving fine Italian American food with a family atmosphere. Lombardo’s become a re-energized and well reviewed popular restaurant to a varied clientele including families, tourists, politicians and business men and women.

In 1999, a private banquet room was built, holding up to 80 people to accommodate customers special occasions and business functions that require a private area.

Lombardo’s has been recognized by many publications as being the best Italian restaurant, widely considered as one of the finest in the upsate region.